2021 Scholarship application

The Community Wellness Forum is pleased to announce the application opening for 2020-21 academic scholarships for current and aspiring collegians.

The deadline for application is May 14, 2021. Applications must be mailed to PO Box 5681, Sacramento CA 95817. Email your questions to stephanie@theCommunityWellnessForum.org.

2020 Award

Congratulations to Ayanna Boateng, our 2020 CWF Collegiate Scholarship recipient. Ayanna is a graduate of Sacramento Charter High School and is now attending Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her outstanding achievements throughout high school have proven she is ready to accomplish higher grounds in her academic and extracurricular activities. Wishing her the best in her education and beyond!


Email us at info@theCommunityWellnessForum.org for information on the Community Wellness Forum's Scholarship Program.