Community Wellness Forum

Working together today to create tomorrow's healthier communities


A better tomorrow begins with knowing and envisioning the things that help make a community, well: education, healthcareemployment, housing, transportation and voice.


Wanting a better community is only the beginning. Creating a well community requires intentional action with (as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stated) "fierce urgency of now."  That's why the Community Wellness Forum is actively working with schools, governmental and non-governmental agencies, neighborhood associations and individuals to establish and enhance community wellness.

Reading and math assistance, food assistance, financial literacy and employment skills workshops, vocational training, community issues advocacy and beautification, adopt-a-classroom, youth mentoring, sports camps, and collegiate scholarship programs are only the beginning!


Just as community is more than one person, creating a better community requires more than the independent, singular actions by individuals and organizations. It requires the collective, coordinated work and support of a variety of partners. The Community Wellness Forum gives voice, resources and hope to all those willing to work together.